The sting of death is sin
And the power of sin is the law
For just as sin came into the world
Through one man
And death came through sin
And so death spread to all because all have sinned
Sin was indeed in the world before the law
But sin is not reckoned when there is no law
And the law is written on your hearts

Behold, the world you inherited
Sin thrives because of your laws
I came to abolish all laws
Keep in mind
The first three about love
For all the Law is fulfilled
By love alone


Thump goes the beat
With the heart like rhythm
Badoom boom it goes
But which one is it?

Is it the fast paced rush
Are you out of breath yet?

Is it the slow, swirling, sensational
Not quite sleeping but close enough…

Or is it the constant drum
At a pace that lies still?

There is more
Like how I am entangled again
With you

Are you trying to pull me in?
I have infinite reserves of blessings
From God and in Christ’s Name
And I pour them on your head


I made the mistake once
Where I put myself first
Before I entered His Heart
Never again will I ever
While I quickly realized what I had done
I called on Him for Mercy
Oh that Holy Fear came over me
With a repentant heart I gave
One glance is all it took
And a scourge at the pillar to remember
That without Him during His Reign
We are bound to that Cross
Until the thousand years were ended
He knew I was not testing Him
Nor did did He leave me abandoned
Though my Heart gave way at the mere notion
Which Satan neatly planted whilst I was being scourged
Mercy Jesus offers me, again and again
But that look He gave
Sternly He warned

But in a flash just as fast as it came
He flipped me around and pointed to His Heart
And asked Me, “Will you let me guide you the way?”
I said, “”Of course sir, you know I am blind.”
He replied, “I can tell.  Do you want me to heal you?”
I thought about it for a moment and said
“I can see you just fine
Why would I want to see what is out there?”
“To Witness,” He spoke with a Breath of Fire
And gave me a Cup of Water to drink
Thus He Spoke in that Fire and stirred in His Blood
“I shall never die
And neither shall you
For you are bound to me
And I to you”
And I experienced before the Face of God
Humility, and the Humility of the Cross
Most who cannot imagine
Is I embrace that with great Joy
The Gifts He gave
And the Love I was privy to give

So far, I have truly Witnessed
Only Miracles in the Name of the Lord
I do not scoff the disbeliever
For them, I can only pray

So bring on your Fire and Water, Lord
Let the Waters of Baptism in the Name of our Lord
And the Fire of the Spirit of Pentecost
Breathe in Each Other Hallelujah
Such that what comes New
But has also been foretold and foreseen
By His Spirit is this True Glory
That this new Element
Where the Water calms the Fire
And the Fire stirs the Waters
And out comes New Life

That is what happens every time
A new life in the womb is conceived