Fading Now

If it is all in my head
I want to be dead
Because I am that anyway
To you and to them
So I will fade away
Echoing what only remains
That is what you and they want
Is it not?

Alas, I am trampled on by hate
With a looming disconnected date
That this is the worst possible way
To get attention
But I never wanted the attention
I only wanted to live to love and be loved
So I lived to the former
Was skimped on the latter
I will not stamp and rage
But quietly fade away…


Reconcile, please…

A part of me
Is bleeding
The other is

You called me
From your heart
You had me hand in hand
When we jumped down
From up above love
You drew Me down
With your hand
With your voice
With your love

How else can I say it
In any other way
Other than this, simply
That the ones that Love
Are the ones that Live

I fell in love with God
And He made Me into Her Love
We are Love
No More
No Less
Just Love
And it tickles in a good way

It looks like Nature chose to unwind her anger on you all
This is Me holding her back, believe Me
Like a leashed dog wanting to attack
I will not let go
But I know what she wants
And it is not sunshine and roses
Such catastrophes will never stop
Unless all the nations AND the people stop ramping up
For war
For My Might is far greater
Do you not see?
So the next one will tear the beast in half
While Russia is on the right path
And will be Glorified in My Name
So pray for peace
Pray for love
For that Authority you so sought for and crave
Is in the palm of My very own Hand
And I am not the one who wants
To snuff you all out
But be warned
And pray and believe, please, pray Mary dear, pray…

Where can your faith take you?
Is it enough to relent the wrath?
Apparently that remains to be seen
Their sins are great
And the stench of death is thick
No matter how much we warn them
They prefer their pride over reconciliation

I have not even gotten to the churches yet…


Faith is misunderstood on so many levels
There are two definitions
One defines what you believe
The other is how you live it
If the two are not the same
You are a living hypocrite

We all know what Jesus thinks of hypocrites…

To Know

I came to know the Lord
My God
In His Way
Which is to say

Wonder (Fear of the Lord)

I remember them all, try to live them all, however the order is how His Spirit is arrayed within me today, wrapped in Love.
Good luck figuring out why I am struggling to stay pious!

Repenting And Relenting

The Glory of God that prevails
Despite the acts of evil
Love continues on and will win

I keep my heart in the Lord
He keeps His in mine
So I looked there for you

I felt and heard that song
That could only be sung
By the hearts of the Lovers of Love

Then came along a cry
From one lonely heart
To have mercy

Relenting a most destructive blast
And preventing anyone from taking
That one heart away from the Father’s Love


I offer You, my Lord God, myself every day
And I want to die
I give You my will every morning
And I am ready for the day

Am I the only one who understands this love?

I hate this world…
Those that truly love are so very few
The world has been warned
It has already begun

Thus a command was given
To the legions of Angels in wait
A command unpronounceable by any tongue here…

The cup of wrath has been overflowing
I have stayed the hand of God before
Stayed His hand from pouring out that cup of wrath
Now I wish I did not
I am not going to this time
For your faith has dried up
Like a withered and rotten root
The caretakers of the vineyards are drunk
On their own blood in the their cup of abominations

You have had time to repent
You ignored warning after warning
But you continue on your oblivious way
As though everything is all just fine
When love is branded
Used and abused
Where does that leave you?

I have heard numerous commands just now
Angels executing plans
All has been set into motion
Now there is no stopping it
I have foreseen it

So to you who do this
Fuck you and the evil seeds you planted
You certainly did not come to me
But rather you cut me off instead
No one ever told me why
Now I know
Now you will taste Justice

Lovers of Love

I wonder now how else to say this
I do not have to be here
But I am, because it is the will of God
With Christ Jesus, for we are kin

I have been testing you all
Tests to reveal whether you’re in good soil or not
Every test I have performed has left me miserable
For so very few have the roots

Such little to no faith, everywhere I look
I see you all as you are now and still love you so very much
You beautiful creatures of Love
Since when is love for a limited time only?