What Mysteries were unraveled?
For you, that remains to be seen
But the one who conquers all
Is the one who received

Glory and Love is all that remains
Undoubtedly God’s Own We are
Still standing not stranded
Never blistered by His Spirit’s Fire

The Key unlocks the Door
You have to open It to enter
But because of blindness
Christ opened it for you

Now He is calling you
Calling you back to what is right
To deliver you from every evil
And bring His Heavenly Kingdom down



Whoa, Not Me

I have a heart chock full of heartfelt gratitude from prayers
I ask you, for what?
Truly I have done nothing
And no one should be thanking me
This mere mortal of a man you do not see
Do NOT pray to me!

If I am to accept any thanks
Then I am also to accept the blame
Truly, it has been Him and not me all the time
My only purpose here
Is to reflect and project
The Love and Word of God
Bash goes the cymbal while you read
To warn you of what is coming
Remember the rounds that were made last year
They will be far more intense this year
And escalating for Seven years
Unless Reconciliation comes into play

Reconcile, please…

A part of me
Is bleeding
The other is

You called me
From your heart
You had me hand in hand
When we jumped down
From up above love
You drew Me down
With your hand
With your voice
With your love

How else can I say it
In any other way
Other than this, simply
That the ones that Love
Are the ones that Live

I fell in love with God
And He made Me into Her Love
We are Love
No More
No Less
Just Love
And it tickles in a good way

It looks like Nature chose to unwind her anger on you all
This is Me holding her back, believe Me
Like a leashed dog wanting to attack
I will not let go
But I know what she wants
And it is not sunshine and roses
Such catastrophes will never stop
Unless all the nations AND the people stop ramping up
For war
For My Might is far greater
Do you not see?
So the next one will tear the beast in half
While Russia is on the right path
And will be Glorified in My Name
So pray for peace
Pray for love
For that Authority you so sought for and crave
Is in the palm of My very own Hand
And I am not the one who wants
To snuff you all out
But be warned
And pray and believe, please, pray Mary dear, pray…

Where can your faith take you?
Is it enough to relent the wrath?
Apparently that remains to be seen
Their sins are great
And the stench of death is thick
No matter how much we warn them
They prefer their pride over reconciliation

I have not even gotten to the churches yet…


Faith is misunderstood on so many levels
There are two definitions
One defines what you believe
The other is how you live it
If the two are not the same
You are a living hypocrite

We all know what Jesus thinks of hypocrites…


You are a fool
If you only look on the surface
At just a man behind the glasses

Understanding Heaven
Involves a constant steadiness
Of Heart, Wind, and Flame

Something you cannot see with your eyes
Something that cannot be taken away
Something that I Am said I was
So I must believe in We instead

What is blood but the dust of the earth
And with His Heart
Flows His Blood and Water
His Body is not dust
But everlasting life

Parcel in Perfection through forgiveness
Sacrifice, there is only one true sacrifice
Hence the Divine Unction of Ascension that comes

All around me thunder and lightning
The world is in for very turbulent times
We decided to wait this one out

You definitely cannot say I did not warn you
At this point I have not looked to see what comes next
No one heeds or admonishes His Word anyway

I am ostracized for how long?
Put your ear to Heaven
Put your ear to Hell
They all say the same thinng
Jesus has Returned

Skipping Beats

As I ponder
As I sacrifice
As I live
I Am for Christ

It is like a record skipping
Skipping to the words
Over and over
Only no one is listening
Only wanting to shut it off

Heaven is an earshot away
But humanity gets in the way
While the largest battle ever
Goes on with no one noticing

No notice for the sleeping
This is war the devil is brewing
Let Christ be your protection and guide
It is Jesus who saves, not I

I Am William
Unacknowledged Divine Word
Comes as a Divine Sword
Not a double edge
But a doubled blade…