Just How It Is

I see things only when I look
What I see, disappoints sometimes

Other things I see
Like Love
Gifts of Love
Grace and Mercy
Coming from the greatest hearts
Coming from the greatest lovers of love
Jesus and Mary

After the great divide
Jesus Christ is the bridge over the infinite chasm of death
Mary is Our Mother who guides Us to Jesus and thus to Heaven while on earth
Looks like Divinity to me
When those Two Hearts are aflame…

Open my Spirit wide
I have only nothing to hide
For that is all I am

I used to be intelligent
Scored a 160+ IQ
Nothing really
I can tell you for certain
That inheriting His Thoughts over mine
Infinitely far better for His Glory not mine
For His Spirit is the embodiment of all gifts
True gifts which are being used
Because the ones Christ gives them to
These Gifts will just keep on coming
Receive! He is pouring and pouring
He will not ever stop pouring out those Gifts when you receive, see?
It is actually a matter of where you are really at with the Lord
When the door is closed behind

We are indeed only human
So what your eyes see in others
Via that the reflection or even projection of only light
Is only light until you are near
To feel the presence of another human
For someone who is blind
This is more real than the words ciphered on a page
So should it be for everyone
Though you do only see with your eyes

What I see are
The vibrations of your being
Your nature and your glory
That spark and jewel inside
Such rendered magnificence within
The beauty of your scars
As vindication over death through Christ
I see you dancing like angels do
With streams of glory and joy
Laughter with joy is what ensues
When all anyone else sees
Is you waiting in line for a drink


Inklings come by way of His whispers
If for a brief moment
They come like incense
I grasp that inkling
For blossoming flowers in fast forward
Are like slow motion explosions
And I am taken on a journey
I have to forget everything
It is just way too much to remember
But the memory is never gone

I recall an intense one yesterday
Though it is already forgotten
It brought me to tears and prayer
And none to share them through
But with those from whom they come


There is only one single Holy and Apostolic Way of Life
By becoming Christ Himself
It takes dedication
It takes devotion
But when your heart is His
And His Heart is yours
Then and only then
Will you understand
Then love pours down like waterfalls
On a clear and cloudless day


In the mirror I looked
Forced to take a second glance
For above my left eye
Were two large gashes
Upon closer inspection
They turned into scars
Scars that soon faded
Then I remembered long ago
A battle once fated
Love won and always does in the end


So what I say to thee
Is park what you’re thinking, see
Make what you want from me
Have a distinct fantasy

Do not waver from me
For Love is inside of thee
And I will forever be
Love simply

So tell me you are mine
Thinking you are so very fine
Maybe walking a fine line
No wrinkle on your face or in my time
All I see are subtle lines
A line is what defines

Now I have an axe to grind
So many people are truly blind
They will soon see by the loving kind
But I somehow got kinks in mind

I know the only path through time
The rest breeds destruction on a dime
Never wanted power clandestine
I only wanted a life that is mine

So now we are coasting through
Like a ship sailing straight and true
With the sail packed away
While the storm envelopes us in a fray
Heading to the place He promised us that Day