I am tired Lord
Need your help Lord
I pray to you Lord
I made sacrifice Lord
I yielded love Lord
But your people are weary Lord
And in danger Lord
They are anxious Lord
Please help them unite under Love Lord
I love you always Lord
Because you hear my prayers Lord
Amen Lord
So be it



I sent the quakes to warn
To the place I said
Not the place you were at
When I said it last two years passed

It could escalate further
But no one cares anymore
No one was hurt
But dry bones are all I see
Blown away by such a Fiery Wind
I see


Trying to do your will
Dear God I love you
My heart longs
My heart throngs

I have been sheltered my whole life
Despite my afflictions and persecution
But I trust in thee O Lord
Your Holy Spirit has been sent

Into the world
Living and breathing