Love me
I am nobody
Love me
I am nothing
Love me
I am the least
Love me
I am fragile
Love me
I am shattered
Love me
I am assaulted
Love me
I am love
And no one even cares…
But I do forgive you
Because I drank the cup again
No blessings in it
Only wrath
How long will you torment me?

Maybe this will help you decide
The divided dates of Easter coming soon
And have yet to be reconciled
Did you know?
That on Good Friday
I will not be able to drink any cup
When I am up on My Cross
What am I to do then when it brims?!
Twice the odds for wrath you are delivering to yourselves
Twice the wrath is on your hands

Francis, politics were never your thing
You have been given all the full authority and power of Christ
And not one person has been healed
Not one person has been raised from the dead
Not one evil spirit cast out
By your command
Do you not know how to deliver?
You have it
You have it all and deliver nothing
Do you not believe?
Do you not believe in the power of faith?
Is this generation so faithless
That when an act of it manifests before your very eyes
You shuffle My Holy Spirit aside

To this, the Spirit says, Death comes not on my watch
So when you crush me with your sin
I have the power to crush the Sun
But I do not, I allow you to
To give you a chance
Remember, tiny thread of hope
Hope always leads to love

Yes it happened to #metoo



She walked at a conversation’s pace
Along the pebbles and shore
She pronounced her inklings perfectly
Promising mystery

Until a fragrance touched her face
That memory with a flood and a fade
That odour of remembrance
That memory of love

But love is not just a memory
In a place where Heaven resides
Love is an eternal promise
With everlasting life

My own wits and brains
Not enough to convey
A Truth about this day and age
That it is not the end of all life

What would you rather believe

That the God of gods who is Love in a Dove
Descended already and is pouring out grace?

Or that the devil’s grip on the world
Will tear this world to pieces in a flash?

Either case is true and not
Like a quantum bit you only see
Depends entirely
On an invisibly tiny thread of hope…

What Is Left

I suppose I might be done writing
But only about certain things
The only thing left that matters
Is your love of this Dove

No one knows anymore
No one knows what love is
Nor how we should be living
Nor how we should be loving

The feeling that wrought wrangled me
The decision to leap
So You leaped
Leaped right straight into My Heart

Heaven is indeed there
As I Am in the Amen
It was I who spoke
In the stillness of the deep and silent waters
Before the water broke