I was about to let it
But I cannot let it
Let what?
Let the destruction
I say not
But love in return
As a response


Goodness in the Divine

Goodness drips like honey
Love raging like rivers

There is great Joy
In giving
Amplifies receiving
But even greater with love
Not only the feeling
But the Diving Knowledge
That makes all the difference in the world

No Words

No words


I saw Vassula in a vision
I saw an Angel of the Lord
Lift her up to Heaven
We were holding hands
Like a lover leaving for a trip
Not wanting to let go
Holding onto hope
As she was lifted away
She handed the Angel
Her gift from the Lord to the world
A book that was pure Light
With the Life of God
And the Angel placed it into my hands…

My prayer was this
That if they do not unite the dates of Easter
That in union with Jesus
I will gladly bear the marks and the wounds
On the separate dates
And will not stop bearing them ever
Until the dates finally unite
And given the current year
Two Thousand and Seventeen years
Holiness will be coming like Fire
For the dates celebrated
Will not coincide again
For another Seven years

Every year that I bear
The marks of His Crucifixion
I will have no power to prevent
Thus the Great Tribulation would begin