Led by the Spirit
I Was, Am, and Will forever be
One with Him

So I asked Him

My Father, my Fountain
Refresh Me, for I thirst

In the prayer to You Our Father
We pray
Your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven
Only no one on Earth seems to understand
What that means

How is Your will done in Heaven?

The Father answered…

Be blessed then with this Knowledge
My Will is done in Heaven because everything in Heaven is subject to Me
Do as the Angels do for their love is forever.

Thus the only way to fulfill the prayer itself
Is to truly offer God the Father
Your own free will
That simple

At some point you are all going to realize
That scattered throughout the earth
Are those who have truly risen from the dead…

And I cannot stop smiling
I am smiling because God is smiling back at me
I am smiling
Smiling because I know
The Lord raised me from the dead
And my heart is pounding
When do we get to announce it?
When can we say out loud in a trumpet blast
That all Glory be to God
That we have been raised from the dead
And Jesus has Returned!

As I stood in amazement
My Heart tugged at a chord
A song strummed my heart strings
Sing to me your lullaby of love, my Love
That song forever enthroned one after another
Soothe my suffering with the swirls of your heartbeats
Where else shall I place my head to rest?

So out poured a treasure trove of Gifts and Love
Joy and blessings for all
Be forever for His Glory


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