Truth Is

Since Jesus is the Truth
We must go through Him
For everything
For Jesus destroyed what you fear most
Yet you fear it like it is still a haunting ghost
Just take the time you need
For Heaven is just a few steps away

Knowledge of the Truth
Wisdom from the Truth
Counsel by the Truth
And so on…
No longer needing parables to understand

The affordability of salvation
Should not even be a question
Whether the cost you impose
Be money, character, position, etc

So that those who do come
Who have absolutely nothing to give
The abused, the wretched, the rejected
The lost and the forgotten
The ones who have never seen a face
The sheep not of your fold
Why do you think they are this way?
Who will account for them and the state they are in?
I Will, will

Behold, their countenance will change
You will see within and around them the light of love
A love that can never be destroyed or taken away
Giving them a renewed Spirit and Life
Restored by His Body and Blood
Soul and Divinity
Sharing with them
The First Resurrection and the Life
What evils or curses you unleash out of hate or jealousy
Will be folded back a thousand times into nothing
To transform it into fulfilling God’s Glory
So any evil against them will flutter into dust
The dust will be gathered and spat on by Him
And the mud placed over your eyes
If He tells you to be washed clean in the waters of baptism
And someone stops to quiz you along the way
Woe to you who hinder the blind!
Your tongue will feel like it split into two
And no one will understand you
Until you repent

Swords will break and guns will jam
Electrons will randomly fail
And light will appear in strange and the darkest of places
Seems like a good way
To get your attention…

If the Lord granted me an indestructible life
Who are you to think you can take it away?
The Angels of the Lord are absolutely everywhere…


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