Thump goes the beat
With the heart like rhythm
Badoom boom it goes
But which one is it?

Is it the fast paced rush
Are you out of breath yet?

Is it the slow, swirling, sensational
Not quite sleeping but close enough…

Or is it the constant drum
At a pace that lies still?

There is more
Like how I am entangled again
With you

Are you trying to pull me in?
I have infinite reserves of blessings
From God and in Christ’s Name
And I pour them on your head



I never smile to strangers
Not because I do not want to
But because I can read their hearts
And can see what they think of me
When I do
So I bless them instead
And walk with a heavy heart
For I carry you with me
When I look at you
My heart explodes with Joy
At your beauty
I have to veil it
Oy what you do to me…

Lo Down

I will give you
The lo down, see
I Am descended from God
I declare it openly
A descendant I Am

Now I must tell you
Not much time left now
He is always here
Witnessed through the eyes of faith
He comes down to us every day

I had another vision
That will not be written
Simply because
I am bound like a slave
With the illusion of choice
And I Am one who sees
For the only choice I have
Is to commit sin
If I want my life to be any easier
The road to Hell is wide and easy

So if Christ came down
And entered into your slavery
What do you think He will do?

I will not say anything
But this:
By the power of the Most Holy Spirit
I bind Satan’s forked tongue
In the name of the Lord Jesus
So that everyone Satan speaks to
Will be like they are stone deaf in hearing
For all eternity



Saw a little girl between two countries
Snuck under the soldiers foot
And made her way to the gate
As she ran she shrieked
For bullets sparked the way
A metal gauntlet of distrust and hate
A little girl, a child, ran…

Satan has such a grip on your throats
That you fear a mere child
A child seeking refuge
From the bullets you drop like rain
You make me sick