Indestructible Life

The Lord sees all and knows all
Fortunately none of that is broadcasted
No one would know what to do with that
Though what is seen makes me sick

I opened my heart to many and a few
Discovered they have nothing to say
Not looking for an answer
I am here to give it

I will never close my heart, ever
Even if you should have a blade to my neck
I know my own blade hurts
Have barely started swinging it

Resorted to firing warning arrows
Instead of dealing death that this sword brings

I see you and your pain
Which out from great love
Joy there will be with freedom
Freedom that was never before conceived

The songs of love I listen to
Start off with genuine desire
They always reveal the twisted nature of evil
Ignoring the facts of real love

I see the abuse and the noose
I took the noose for you
But never left and neither did you
Not stuck see, just waiting
For I have all Time in my hands
Living an Indestructible Life


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