Here is how things are going
At the moment
In a sort of weird poetic story kind of way
I love the freedom I can impose

While I was bowing my head to pray…

I think in som-snip-
I look up to – snip –
I pray – snip –
I – snip –
– snip –
– snip –


Lord, help me to pray

What are you cutting, anyway?

I am cutting you off before you say anything
To remind you of how you were saved
By My Name

You will not know
If I am interrupting you
If you do not first listen
In silence then respond when I have been heard

I will teach you to pray
It is not just the words you say, my friends
It is how your prayer is said
How the prayer is formed in the heart and heard before Him, Our Father
In His Highest Heavenly Court1
You see, the Father responds to sincerity

How would you respond to someone telling you
Unconvincingly with a glare
Inattentive with a yawn
And a tone of voice
That protrudes a careless attitude
That your house is on fire?

Or in an ironic kind of way
A steward of your own house
Stood before you and assured you
Everything is just fine
Not to worry
When word came at that very same time
That the house had been razed to the ground
What would you do?

A story worse than the boy who cried wolf comes to mind

But if He heard a welcome sound
One of Joy
Of sincerest praise
He would stop ANY proceedings to war
To hear what good news comes
Especially in these dark and dreary days

He pities His closest friends
Pitiable because of what they are up against
And the evil that surrounds them
But He and His own all know something that you do not
Is that He has already come
He has indeed Returned
And indeed no one noticed
But the question still remains
And this is still a mystery even for me
Is how and when…

For before Him are many paths that duly lead
To Him and His Glory
Which path is the Father’s will?

You will soon find
That the orchestrated order that wills itself into the Universe
Is completely manifested by the Power of His Holy Spirit
It essentially means my friends
The Universe is being held together by none other than the Holy Spirit of God Himself

What you evils you see and do not see
Manifested before you now
Are the result of Satan having a presence here
In the Heavenly Court
But know this
He was cast out
Out of the Court
And out of darkness and into the light
Bound and sealed into a prison
Yes, he was cast into that prison
By none other than St. Michael the Archangel
A prison no one knows
Now the demons and devils are fighting and fleeing
Beware and pray – fast when you must
Know that Love is winning

Peaches… really?


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