So what I say to thee
Is park what you’re thinking, see
Make what you want from me
Have a distinct fantasy

Do not waver from me
For Love is inside of thee
And I will forever be
Love simply

So tell me you are mine
Thinking you are so very fine
Maybe walking a fine line
No wrinkle on your face or in my time
All I see are subtle lines
A line is what defines

Now I have an axe to grind
So many people are truly blind
They will soon see by the loving kind
But I somehow got kinks in mind

I know the only path through time
The rest breeds destruction on a dime
Never wanted power clandestine
I only wanted a life that is mine

So now we are coasting through
Like a ship sailing straight and true
With the sail packed away
While the storm envelopes us in a fray
Heading to the place He promised us that Day


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