All Of Heaven

I know all of Heaven
I know they are all watching as a prayerful Audience
The ending from my eyes, I truly hope
Will not be like an R rated movie
Kind of ironic, dontcha think?
That the thing people dread the most
Behave and in some ways desiring
To be that which they are watching or even reading
Zombies or killers or gods even
Or whatever it is these days
That immersement leaves them feeling empty
Especially when the story ends with no cliffhanger
Or worse when a sequel never comes..

Oh that the sign of Jonah be fulfilled
In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ…

But instead as I looked
I jumped over the edge instead
And immersed myself into His story and life
And He immersed Himself into mine
That thread of hope that Love holds onto
Leaving the Audience with suspended gasps of silence
Raising me from the dead really is
A very minor thing to do for Him
Eternal Life He promised Me
So far He has delivered on His Promise every single time
Thus His Glory will be His Revelation..


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