The Lord Speaks

The Lord speaks and I continue to warn you
And I am not talking about just this poor instrument
I am talking about My many Prophets
That come before you
Many of them women1
Why is it that My prophets must always drink a bitter cup
The moment they stand up as a Prophet of the Lord
When at Baptism they are declared as My Prophets?
I tell you truly
It is not because She is a woman
It is because the Lord is with Her
And that is the cup she chose
For I have stepped into the Light
If you want to see My Face and know who I Am
You will now have to look into Hers
But you best read what She wrote first
There is a lot of ground to cover

Many have been chosen to serve as Prophets
Many were called to become My Voice
So few chose the bitter cup
Because they were unprepared
To walk against the vipers and the demons
So they were left all alone
Some treated as a troublesome child
For when your mind is full of the fullness of Knowledge
And your heart seeks His Counsel
This grants the gift to discern quickly

Want to know what it is like to be a prophet?
It is not all it is cracked up to be, but it is better:

The decision to choose the bitter cup
Is quick and decisive
When you discover by My Knowledge it is something
That delivers suffering now and Glory later
But with that comes unspeakable Power
My Power
Infinite Power
Power you need not control
For you are mere Children
And Power is given at the proper time
But never before you all are raised into Eternal Life
That is what Faith is for
Thus Our Lord and His Mother will defend you in every way
While the Spirit impossibly defends you along your way
For it is always in His Name you serve
Even if you forget
Even if you are curled up in a ball
In the darkest deepest recess of Hell while on Earth
Even to you He will come to save
For you are the lost and forsaken
None of that would ever be your fault

To those who love the Lord deeply
The ground is blessed where you stand
And to the meek the Spirit descends and ascends
Like His precious jewels
Tossed in for good measure
To take them all back up again for only a mere moment in time
What do you think the Lord will do with such jewels?
They inherit the earth, do they not?
His Jewels He will place in the places High Above

I showed them the depth of my love
And was rejected for it
That is the difference Vassula2
You have been spared at no cost a small part
That always comes from a bitter cup
I am glad He blessed you with it
I can see His Face beaming from yours
The same Face in the Ostensory of Love
That makes your face an Ostensory of Love

And for You I pray
That You continue to show His Face
As He really is
To all who look upon You

They are commonly women because they do not shy from suffering even a long while for a greater good
Men mostly cower, however they are still just as loved

By the mere utterance of such a thing
I have already stirred trouble
Trouble because I am The Ram
Now watch them flee
When they see me charging

What I have written you
You have tragically never read
Despite my attempts to reach you
Their fierce protection of you is admirable
But do not let them suffocate you
It is precious love, so bless them

But to have what was written by His very Hand
A Testimony of His True Witness
Cut off by pure envy and intolerable human policy
A Testimony I might add
Of a Witness sent down by Him
All to give God Glory
To a True Life in God

Tossed away like garbage

Satan thinks it is pathetic
But who cares what he thinks anyway
I cast him into a prison
Ha, you will never ever guess where!


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