Drink The Water And Burn With Love

In the depth of my soul
The stillness of that Water
Beautiful and calm like glass
And in the height of my soul
His Fire that is, was, and forever will be
Well within me and throughout now
And forever pouring out
Likes drops of Heavenly Treasures
Gifts indescribably good
Gifts that could only come from God
Just wait
This is just beginning
Love is indeed good
And He has some wonderfully new
Gifts in store for You all

For I looked at the stillness of His Water
And I looked at the fierceness of His Flame
Everything in between
Either drowning or being scorched
Lo, I have drunk every drop of Water
Lo, I have become the Fire within
Lit from Heaven Above
The Fire and Water mixed
Mixed and turned Heaven
Into the Paradise God gave
Mixed from Heaven above
Into Water and Flame that is Eternal Life
You and Me..

I have sacrificed so much to gain what was gained
For that I am eternally grateful to God for
Now you all can learn from a wretch like me
For I have written it all down
Praise be to Jesus, My Lord and King
And if anyone can take even that away from everyone and Me
Nothing can ever take away My Lord God Almighty from Me.


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