Oh So Near I Can Feel It And Satan Hates Me For It

Counsel me Holy Spirit
Advise me on what to do next
I have discovered You in my Heart
You have purified me from within
You have looked upon me with pity

Some might think that is self-loathing
I can assure you it is humility
For I am indeed weak
Weak in this world
Purposefully purposed to imperfection
A litmus test for poison

Evil attacks me daily
From down below and from up above
From North and South
East and West
They rain, beam, and pour on their hate
But to Me it is just a buzz
Feels like pure hatred
Feels like loathing to me
Looks like Hell to me
Trying to cut right through me

Perhaps it does affect me
But it is nothing compared to the Spirit of the Lord
For He has Power you have never ever seen before
I need not even demand but only Trust in His actions and works
Like being enamored in a conversation
Full of love and freedom
Like walking into a deep puddle
And the Water never gave way
Never gave way to Fire
Until now

So I journey with Him
In moments like these
Over and over I do it again
But one thing is for certain
I need not even ask Him My Spirit
For His Will is My Own and My Own is His
And delightfully oblivious
For the Child in me
Wants to run out and play
And want people to wonder
How the heck did He get that way?
I want what He has…

So I can say to you
What I have is not what you want
It is who you need rather
I came to either obliterate this place
Right from here where I stand
By a mere cry for battle from my own Mouth
Full of wrath and destruction will ensue IF I do…


I wait
Wait patiently for change
Patiently for love
For forgiveness
Patient love endures infinite time even
Which do you think I shall choose?

You can all give and receive
Love of every kind
Everyone can just do it
Everyone can decide right now
Love from His Holy Spirit is Goodness and Free
And you can even receive Him without me
Believe in Jesus
For Jesus Saves

From within and without
Matter matters not
Being alive in love does
Why hide in the shadows
When the light of Christ
Will make a marvel come to light
But do not marvel
But rather adore only Christ
For I am always nothing
And a mere nothing like me
Is the most perfect witness of all
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ
May your reign in Heaven and on Earth
Be fulfilled in all its Glory


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