Mark Of The Beast

Ever hear the phrase
Six of one and a half dozen of the other?
Meaning it makes no difference
It is the mark of the beast on the forehead
Six of one is six
A half dozen of the other is six
And other six that remain are hidden
It is a way of thinking

That kind of thinking is really this:
That it does not matter what you do
You’ll get to Heaven or Valhalla or Eden or wherever your want to be anyway
No matter what you do as long as you are good anyway
But that is a lie
While the hidden six represents the real reason
To simply devour your souls into oblivion, emptiness, and despair
Even if you think you are doing the right thing

While the only truth of the matter is
You cannot really do it
Unless it is through the Cross Jesus died on
Meaning there is only one sacrifice to get there

Just wait until Heaven comes down to Earth
As fast as lightning
More glorious than you can ever imagine
The New Heaven adorned like a Bride
The New Jerusalem
That Holy City come down

I live in a world
Where atonement is a tombstone
My jaw rings like a bell when struck

Even as I write
I tremble in the Presence of the Lord
I see that they think they are winning somehow

Then I was struck in an instant
With a vision that would take way too long to write down
Pray dearly beloveds, pray that the Lord be merciful
And in the vision Mercy was His and His Mercy He gave
A vision I have already quickly forgotten
Lord, be Merciful to the lost and forsaken


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