Abandonment To God

I have often wondered
Off I go wondering again
Not wandering, some might be thinking
That has its advantages however
I must be clear on one thing
That yes, I Am a Son of God
I cannot even dispute that
I can deny it though
Until I come across as one of you

Often seasoned by hatred from others
Rendered helpless as a victim
Brought to the brink of certain death
Knowing I can never die
I stepped through
And returned in the end

I can tell you I took my own life
So that you do not have to
To come back from the dead to say
That if you really think it is so hard
So difficult and impossible
That ending your life is the only option
There is always another option
The only one that exists eternally
Which can never be taken away from you
Just thinking about it, sets you free

To give Me, the Father Almighty, your will daily
Abandon your own will to Me your God
Every morning the moment you wake
Instead of ending your life
To you will be given Everlasting Life
And ask for the graces, ask, ask, ask for graces
It is nearly time now
Any who have truly Ascended already know
Laus tibi Iesu!
Alleluia Amen


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