Decree About Corporations

Did you not know?
Corporations that commit sins
Especially the ones that act more like a collective
The sins of one, of many, are also accounted for
But those that commit evil under these veils
Through the slaves they lied to
The proportion of punishment in Hell
On top of the sins they commit themselves
Will be by the percent ownership of their shares
Multiplied by their own wealth
The wealth they refused to give to the poor
Which will definitely drag them down under all that much deeper

This Word applies to any organization
But the good of many
Through Him, with Him, and In Him
In the Unity of the Holy Spirit
Is Power and Glory
Do you not see?
Under a corporation
The proportion of your reward in Heaven
On top of the good in His Name you commit
Will be by the percent ownership of your shares
Multiplied by the love you gave
Which will indeed lift you up to the sky

There is always forgiveness, always
Repentance is not a demand anymore
It is a requirement


One thought on “Decree About Corporations

  1. By the way, read what Jesus said about how difficult it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Giving your wealth to another corporation as a means to satisfy your need to justify your excess riches, a corporation is not giving directly to the poor. The only real true corporation, the Body of Christ, the Church, should distribute to the poor if you are not certain, but give me a billion dollars and I will start changing the lives of the poor and the world, one life at a time if I have to.

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