Great Return – Truth

From the Lord God Almighty
CREATOR of Heaven and Earth:

Worship ME your God
So many things about Me your God
That have been taught over the years

So many things about ME your God
That are even written

So many secrets everyone
Do you not know that all will be revealed?

There are so many truths and lies
But there is only One Truth
Jesus saves

Then I heard
So save them, Jesus!
I even heard mock laughter
I intend to, He said
Wait, I already have..

Wonder how long it will take
For any of you
To finally figure it out
Shaking the earth did not wake you
Maybe this will…

I have a thousand years
Which is nothing to me
I can give you a hint
It is in the Book of Revelation

To sum it all up for you
We literally only have
One thousand years
Until Satan is loosed for a short while
That day, only the Father knows

So who do you want to remain with you on the earth
To prepare you for the final battle?

Think you will be ready by then on your own?
Take that path, there is no coming back from perdition


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