Great Return – The Real Answer

Love is the answer
So much needs to be conveyed
Some have already been anointed
I saw multitudes on the Earth
I saw all of Heaven on the Earth
I saw the Holy Spirit
Oh yeah, I saw Him alright
The sky filled with a marvelous light
Like it burst into a white flame
Pure Holy Fire coming down
Emanating a blue touch
Descending over everyone
As doves
As tongues
As …
So many different gifts
I scoured over the earth
To see, to find, to search
If anyone was left out
I breathed on every one
I breathed on the dead
The dead soon shall rise
Do not be afraid

Then I saw them all from the beginning of time
Those in Heaven descending in grace
Those on Earth holding their ground
Those in Hell eternally bound

Judgement Day
You will be judged
All in Heaven were with Jesus
By how much you really loved
Not by how much you sinned

Are you ready for it?


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