The devil is trying to trick me to no avail
Into pouring that cup I have been given onto the world

I am trying to warn them, my Lord
I offer sacrifice no one knows
Continue to pray for me then, my Love
I will drink this Cup of Wrath again
Instead of pouring it out

I will do this
Again and again
To expect the supernatural
Until the Father says, Enough!

Knowing full well
It does nothing to me anyway

I know my little angels will look after you
They always have..❤️

My… These cups are filling up fast..

Love IS victory over evil
Every day folks, every day
I already stopped one from going off…


Abandonment To God

I have often wondered
Off I go wondering again
Not wandering, some might be thinking
That has its advantages however
I must be clear on one thing
That yes, I Am a Son of God
I cannot even dispute that
I can deny it though
Until I come across as one of you

Often seasoned by hatred from others
Rendered helpless as a victim
Brought to the brink of certain death
Knowing I can never die
I stepped through
And returned in the end

I can tell you I took my own life
So that you do not have to
To come back from the dead to say
That if you really think it is so hard
So difficult and impossible
That ending your life is the only option
There is always another option
The only one that exists eternally
Which can never be taken away from you
Just thinking about it, sets you free

To give Me, the Father Almighty, your will daily
Abandon your own will to Me your God
Every morning the moment you wake
Instead of ending your life
To you will be given Everlasting Life
And ask for the graces, ask, ask, ask for graces
It is nearly time now
Any who have truly Ascended already know
Laus tibi Iesu!
Alleluia Amen

Rendered And More

You shall see
And your heart shall rejoice
Your bones shall flourish like the grass
And it shall be known
That the hand of the Lord
Is with His servants
And His indignation is against His enemies

For behold
The Lord will come in fire
And His chariots like the stormwind
To render His anger in fury
And His rebuke with flames of fire
For by fire will the Lord execute judgement
And by His sword
Upon all flesh
And those slain by the Lord shall be many


My feet welcome the stone of the earth
My heart beats with water and blood on fire
Before my Lord and Master
Jesus of Nazareth
My body is on Fire
With no pain
None at all
I opened the scriptures
To a random page
Asking for an answer
With distractions all around

The one that I opened
Was this one
Page six hundred and thirty one
Of the Bible I am under
It is also a prime number
I rejoice with harps of Glory
That the Wisdom of Solomon
Should have something to say

For the elements changed places with one another
As on a harp the notes vary the nature of the rhythm
While each note remains the same1
This may be clearly inferred
From the sight of what took place
For land animals were transformed
Into water creatures
And creatures that swim
Moved over to the land
Fire even in water
Retained its normal power
And water forgot
Its fire-quenching nature
On the contrary
Failed to consume
The flesh of perishable creatures
That walked among them
Nor did they melt the crystalline
Easily melted kind of heavenly food

1 Those notes my dear
They resonate with me tremendously
They really do
I know you will outdo yourself
You always do
I know the love we have
I feel the love we share
Feel We do
The Crown of Thorns around
Our Two Hearts
Our Two Hearts actually Three
That note forever sustaining Me
From a song you sung
From your lips but a quiver
Sent me reeling
I almost Ascended right then and there