It Gets Better

Peace be with you all
After Peru it gets worse I have seen
I hate to be the bearer of bad news
As a prophet I am obliged to

For if I do not pronounce it
In the way the Lord God has thus provided
Then what I do not proclaim
It would be on my head a thousand fold
Thus it is a warning to you all

How worse?
That depends
Where and when?
Well that is up to the Angels this time
In measurement and magnitude
If I pick a place
You do not want that
And that is not His Will
For I might pick a populated area to provide further proof that I no longer require
No one would heed my warning anyway

Thus this time what comes next
Is the result of our sins we commit
So please pray for mercy, it will hit hard

See that the sins we blindly commit
Are what is making things worse
We must completely abandon ourselves to Him
If we want to see any good changes in the world
Be not afraid, it gets better His way


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