Chariots of Fire

I never knew, how could I?
I am nothing..

Out from the infinite depths of love
And with childlike affection
We asked Our Father
Why do You give in to temptation?
And the Father paused
His Face froze as He looked at Us
He veiled His Face from Us
But only for a moment
While We waited
Only seconds passed
But that moment is thousands of years rolling
With so many questions and burdens on Our heart

Then I saw a spark of light
In the corner of my eye
Behold, I looked to my left
And I saw woven throughout
The entire world
The smoke of deception by Satan
What I saw made me sick to my stomach and I wept
Once I realized what happened

But that tiny spark
Was all that was needed
To ignite that smoke of hate and lies
Like a volatile jet fuel vapour ignition in the air
From whence does this Living Fire come?
I saw St. Michael and a host of Angels
Defeating all sorts of evil

Then Chariots of Fire
Followed behind
Consuming everything ignited
Not even smoke nor dust
Save only the memory

Everything became very silent
Something was said which I did not hear
In my anguish I did not want to

I do not even dare write what I saw next
Though I was never worthy of anything
The Lord made me worthy
And defeated every evil with His love

All for the sake of love, our love


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