Why earthquakes?

Why earthquakes?

I should point out that over the past year as I write I have been monitoring global earthquake activity via the USGS https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes almost every single day. The ongoing seismic activity that happens daily is not really anything remarkable, it’s just normal noise. The fact that there are sensors around the world and some impressive technology being used and developed to help monitor and predict earthquakes sooner, is interesting to note. It really makes a convenient feedback mechanism for someone such as myself, a nobody. While that still may not be that interesting to note, for obvious reasons, that data is fully and completely accessible to the public, and therefore it exists as a matter of permanent record. Combined with the time stamps on these posts as well as the existing correlations (noted in the comments of some of the posts I was able to find the time for), I have evidence of the fulfillment of that command, and that I must point out that there are other correlations that I have not found because I can’t be bothered with diving into the data anymore… I have enough evidence of something amazing, the Power of God through Faith and Love, it’s all there. The fact that the majority of the correlations are significant, they do not apply to just quakes, but plagues, floods, famines, volcanoes, storms, etc, have all come to pass as it was written, I could not ask for anything more. Do not get me wrong, I am not pleased that disasters come in the wake of a written word, but if I do not write of it to warn people and pray for them, the least I can do is post it so others can pray too. Back in the day, Christ reminds me, we did not have the Internet, we had miracles and word of mouth, and look at what has been fulfilled in scripture!

We are done commanding disasters
To gather evidence beyond coincidence
For We have fulfilled by faith in and through Christ
A Testament to His power, His mercy and His love

Have faith in Jesus who saves
Expect miracles poured out like rain
May Mary the Mother of God surround and protect you
Do good and do not look back..

If you scoff, in your heart you already know if you do
If you scorn, just run through the appropriate “what if” scenario in your head before you do
Which is the same as, that which you do to the least of these, you do unto me
If you mock, well you tried but it really does nothing anyway
If you hate, again it has no power over Us, so fuck off
Lo, that curse does not mean We hate you
We in fact rebuke you and your hate
It is your own hate you feel

And a special one for you who invoke harm or death
You should know if you are defending or attacking
Warriors beware, defenders have nothing to fear
For there are many of you
Who are not certain as contrast
Of their place in the cogs
Of this grey fog of war after war
You should know this though
The powerful are doing things irrationally
Out of fear
Fear of an overpopulated planet
They also believe
That they are doing you all a favour
By keeping you sated and blind
Only to be led to the slaughter
But according to the numbers
They have just lost control
Seven and a half billion we have reached
Thus they have justified their wages of war
To bring death to the weak to save their own
But the weak that are left are not enough
What happens then, tell me,
If the bellies of the beasts
Are full of the souls of their own?

Does not matter who or where you are
Know that the next disaster is aimed
Right at you, indirectly as a warning out of mercy
Or directly where you are at
Whether you hold the weapon in your hand
Or a mere nod gets the job done
You cannot hide under the mountains
No place can evade the power of His sight and might

So, if you believe in this written word
And in the Justice of Jesus Christ the Lord
Stay and be good to others
Out of love and peace.. that’s it



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