The Change

No longer afraid
We Transfigured in an instant
For We realized together as We now walk beside
That everything is as it should be
Before things start to change
And this makes me chuckle
Not at how awful it is
Not at how horrible it all is
But rather at how simple but not easy it really is

Though once you start it gets easier
As you gain His Strength
Even though we are all in it together
Only together can we all change for the good

We rejoice because of what it takes to do just that
It is so simple and so humbling
Give Him your worries, sincerely
For We tell you in truth
That today We had a choice
We had a choice to enact vengeance
By commanding Nature to rent open herself
And spill out her blood
Or to pour out offerings of love unseen

We must therefore state in truth that a perfect Union exists
Between Almighty God the Father and any such persons He so chooses
To deny this, denies Him and His Authority and Power
Whether they accept the said Union that is offered
Is completely up to them
Totally free to choose
We must be clear
Not choosing such a Union before death
Is not condemnation
But rather leads to reparation
And if they then condemn themselves
The Lord will always be gentle, kind, and loving to them

We ask you all this
How can He be that to you, if you do not let Him?

Out of the so many He has chosen
Not many have answered the call
Know that He really calls you all

So we indeed love you, yes we do
Regardless of race, place, face, or faith

Whatever you are in colour
Is more beautiful than all the rainbows combined

Wherever or however you were born
Is really just dirt on the ground
And a title you never wanted anyway

Whoever and however your face appears
Is beauty beheld not projected
The beauty of love is Glorifying Him

Whatever faith you were born into
They are all angles to one cornerstone
The cornerstone that is Christ

Behold, the cornerstone is perfectly round and smooth
Mathematically speaking
How many points are required, therefore angles
To close a perfect circle or sphere?

Christ as one of the Holy Trinity
Says there are an infinite number of them
And so are We
Infinitely. Amen.


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