Fire and Water

Out from this mouth
Love like water and fire come
I saw the entire cosmos
And how God created them all
This world we all live in
Is about to change
Oh yes, indeed it will change
A convergence in space and time
For every single universe out there
Including their heavens and beyond
Will ALL be refined together as one
Can you see yourself in the other cosmoses yet?
Do you know who you are?
From within you know
The place from where you once were
Before you were born, you know
Can you see who you are inside them all when you close your eyes?
We can, and it is absolutely amazing
Has it not yet dawned on anyone that a Glory filled Hallelujah is in store?

To partake by being made worthy
Not by any particular thing or device or method or treatment or any other such nonsense
But by the simple, humble, submission to the Will of God
His Most Holy Spirit

How do you do that, you might ask?
Well, before you get up in the morning
Open the eyes of your heart and pray
Lord Jesus, I offer you my will, please help me. Amen.
Know that Amen means: So be it.
It is a command
But you do not speak it like it means anything
You speak it like you are eating through pencils
It sounds disgusting, in fact
But a heartfelt prayer
With love filling every word
With a fountain of faith
At the top of a mountain
Will spring up blossoms of flowers
And trees with new springs
Fragrant and worthy
So wonderful. Amen.

Pray like this every day and never stop doing it
Ask Him how to love others, perhaps the strength to do so
Whatever you need, if you ask, it will be granted
Consider Him the Holy Spirit as your Super Companion
By doing this every day
You will allow Him to work with you
Never against you
To bring you all back
Toward the New Heaven on a New Earth He has in store for you


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