If you were gifted with His Strength
What Gift shall you then discern next?
Wonder? Understanding?
I tell you truly, neither of those gifts first
For with the true Gift of Strength
Strength that is in Christ
Not even all of Hell could prevail against

Thus you have the Might to withstand fire
Whether it is from the Spirit
From words of power
Or from destructive devices
If your gift is indeed His Strength that He gave
To understand His Strength
Seek Counsel with the Holy Spirit
And then seek Wisdom
To you will then be granted Understanding
His Understanding

If you have thus so far
Understood the Strength in the Lord
Then praise and thanks should be given to the Lord
For you are halfway there
Led only by Him

To be in the Fear of the Lord
It would then be by your Strength
But you must lean on Piety with Knowledge
Otherwise you will prey on others
For the strong are easily corrupted
If the other gifts are ignored
For how can you strike your enemy with Wonders with Mercy
Without first having understood
What the Fear of the Lord really means


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