Angel of Death

What is this warning that you all have now in your hearts?
Repent or be destroyed is ringing in the air…

Truly I tell you
The horror you feel
Is not because God will destroy you
It is in truth because when He leaves this place
After all of His Faithful have Ascended with Him into Heaven
The one who remains, you should really fear
Because He has the power to destroy both body and soul in Hell
You call him the Destroyer, the Angel of Death

Alas, maybe you do not already know
But Death was destroyed on the Cross
For Jesus Christ died
And rose from the dead on the third day

So when Christ leaves with all His Chosen Ones
Is it really death you all fear?
Or maybe you should fear yourself
For your own rejection of your Creator and God
Will leave Him no choice but to show you the Truth
In ways you only seem to understand


One thought on “Angel of Death

  1. I knew you would not like this one
    At some point the ones who do not understand
    The ones who scoffed and ignored me
    Will most certainly understand
    But they will beat their breast
    And they will mourn
    They will mourn because of what Ascension offers
    They could have Ascended before death
    Just as the ones who are about to
    Their faith comes not from some special order or rank
    Nor are they kin to anyone great
    But they do offer sacrifices every day
    Hidden from your eyes
    For only the Lord can Resurrect the dead
    Only the Lord has the power to gift Ascension
    Tell me this then, if you have thus already ascended
    Do you now know your purpose?
    Fulfill it.

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