Then He Showed Me

Then He showed me the whole world
And the turmoil you were all in
My heart sunk with pity
I could not turn my back away
Not when there must be something
Something that I could do
As I pondered this, He said
“You must go down there and pray
And teach others the way
You will remember this when you need to
And on a day near the day of My Return”
I hesitated and looked sad, “Right now?”
He laughed and said, “On the third day
But do not be afraid
I go before you always
Come follow me”
So I followed Him to a place
It truly was Heaven
I remember faces even
But not any names to go with them

I remember the shouts of Joy
Upon entering by the Gates
We left as Student and Teacher
Entered Heaven both as Masters and Kings

Each day in Heaven that went by
Was like a thousand years on Earth
The human mind cannot possibly contain it all
But by being raised in Christ
He taught us the way by Faith and Love

So We came down together
And when I came to on Earth
It was as though only a moment had passed
Then I wondered when I found out
And treasured in my heart
At how it was indeed possible
That two days had already passed


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