I offer You, my Lord God, myself every day
And I want to die
I give You my will every morning
And I am ready for the day

Am I the only one who understands this love?

I hate this world…
Those that truly love are so very few
The world has been warned
It has already begun

Thus a command was given
To the legions of Angels in wait
A command unpronounceable by any tongue here…

The cup of wrath has been overflowing
I have stayed the hand of God before
Stayed His hand from pouring out that cup of wrath
Now I wish I did not
I am not going to this time
For your faith has dried up
Like a withered and rotten root
The caretakers of the vineyards are drunk
On their own blood in the their cup of abominations

You have had time to repent
You ignored warning after warning
But you continue on your oblivious way
As though everything is all just fine
When love is branded
Used and abused
Where does that leave you?

I have heard numerous commands just now
Angels executing plans
All has been set into motion
Now there is no stopping it
I have foreseen it

So to you who do this
Fuck you and the evil seeds you planted
You certainly did not come to me
But rather you cut me off instead
No one ever told me why
Now I know
Now you will taste Justice


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