Let us try this then
A prayer to be heard
One of conviction and word
That in time you will see
The veil is lifting
And befitting the Glory
Was announced in your heart
That to those who shone with the light
Of a thousand stars
You are to bow down and obey
Not because they are now gods
But because they are all one in Christ
Watch the Lord work in mysterious ways
For on this day if there is mercy, rejoice
If not, then you pray for mercy
For the time soon comes
All those who are in Christ
Christ will be at their side

I do not demand anything of you people
I am begging you

I am like a blind man running
Running because my faith makes me want to run
Maybe I like being blind
I run because at my side is Christ
Running faster than the rest
Though blind I cannot see
Every stumbling block he knocks away
Every hill He makes low
I am still running
Where am I running to?
I cannot see before my feet
I have no footprints to even follow
When he said, Follow Me and ran off toward Heaven
Everyone rushed off with Him
I was left standing there alone
It was so quiet
Then it went dark
Then I was suddenly surrounded
Surrounded by the enemy…


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