Holy Spirit Breathe Your Fire

I came down to write of praise
To my God, the Almighty Father in Heaven
The time is near my dearest friends
With tears of joy, my heart sings
Sings songs of love, of joy, of everlasting peace
This I do not deserve
But my face beams his love, I know
I know the way
And I know
So many are afraid

Do not be afraid
Love defeats all evil
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning
Is now and ever shall be. Amen!

In this moment in time
Which is every moment
Past, present, and future to me
The Holy Spirit has come down
Breathed His Fire
He set us free

How many left are there?
Whilst I walk and work among you?
Do they recognize me or my voice?

It is indeed written
However, what is written on my heart
Is not written on the earth
But is the Seal of the Most Holy Spirit
And it is His Fire I breathe

So heal with love, my people
Seek out to bring and be this same love
Not when the opportunity presents itself
Go, seek out those who are in need!

When I read what was written
I feel sick to my stomach
And I am the worst of the lot
Because I know the Lord writes this Word
And I am a hypocrite on the matter of reaching out
To the needy and the homeless

But I was homeless once and always had a home
I know what it is like
But I also know something else
That faith in God, trusting in Him
I learned is the only way out

So many excuses lined the way with me
To apologize to the man asking for a loonie
When I could have asked him, “what do you need?”
And do my best to help him

When my credit card is maxed and I have no change
I am angry and pissed right off
At those who can easily do something about those in need
But you do not, it is so cold out there
Hearts and the air

Instead you fuel your wars for profit
To ensure abomination after abomination
Powers your perpetual ritual of death
Soldiers bombing innocent victims
Onto a frightened people
Nations blinded by their own thrones
To perpetuate perverted acts
With abortions and population control
To keep on with your murderous sacrifices

Little do you know
A massive army in Heaven await
Mostly filled with the unborn children
As they are martyrs in the Lord
If you have read Revelation
Then you know that the gift of martyrdom
Means they share in the first resurrection!

The sacrifices you think you make
Are not sacrifices of those innocent lives
But of yourselves to Satan
And is an eternal death sentence for you
For you are the one holding the blade
Then to death you shall stay
But ask for forgiveness and repent
Thus His wrath He will stay

So fuck you Satan
You have already lost
Watch the Holy Spirit wave His Flame
Amen Amen Amen


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