I thought perhaps I was going crazy
In my wonder and bewilderment
I had to have my head examined

I poured it all out
No utterance of any lie, no secret withheld
The truth that was in my heart and mind

Now the doctors say I am healthy and fine
But to discern the truth of what is written
Are matters for the spiritual domain

So here we are then
For how long will I be
Here like this to answer any questions you may have?

Ask me anything, anything at all
And I will answer you in truth
If you believe and have faith

For no border, religion, or race divides you from me here
Let us watch, see, and live in this powerful love
Powerful Love from afar

You will indeed witness His Power in Mercy and Love
By the faith that you have in the Lord God through me

Let us then see the goodness of the Lord
Taste of the Heavenly Kingdom in the Lord
To lead you to Eternal Life in the New Heaven

Look not at the least of men before thee now
But look to your heart and ask for Jesus there
Love will always endure and forever last with you there

Be ready soon, for the Day draws near
For the Truth will come to light
The Day that He is revealed

The day His Voice is heard in the loudest thunder over and all throughout the earth
Every heart and ear will hear

I love that I know how much He loves you all
This arrow is like a cupids, but His
Look for Him in the Eucharist
Peace to you and your enemies
For peace to your enemies
Means your hands no longer spill their blood
And vice versa, see