Bad Feeling

Peace to you, peace

I got a bad feeling about this
But I will not let that get me down
For my hope is always in the Lord
Even though He reminds me
Perpetually of my own nothingness
So that I allow Him fully through

Every day it is the same
Except some days
Some days it is the withdrawal I feel
Withdrawal of His Presence
Which feels like abandonment
But I know it is not
I need not feel Him to know He is there
But We enjoy it, so We are, most of the time

So, back to the bad feeling…

If He withdraws
I feel it
But He withdraws not from me
I know
He is turning His Face from the world…

Which means dear children
Something awful is about to happen
Whatever it is
Something I have written
Is about to be fulfilled
And the Lord has to turn His face away
To allow it to happen

Pray, I urge you all to pray… Oh God… Have mercy
And pray, pray for their conversion, pray for their souls


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