Become Love

I have become Love so that you too can become Love
Out of all the places in the entire Universe
You creatures of God are the most pitiable by Him
So out of Pity came Mercy and Love
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Most Perfect
But you tried to destroy Him out of envy, greed, and hate
And again now, through me
Though I am most unworthy
The same as you
Most Imperfect
For all intents and purposes
Come to crush the stone hearts
And topple the nations by Word alone

So that what We abolish
We abolish by acts
Of real and true love
From the depths of the heart kind of love
Love that destroys all division
Destroys envy, greed, and hate
Not just because it is power over them
But that theirs is the lack of that real true love
See where that leads to?


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