A Lesson on Trust

Oh the delight of being in the Lord
Trusting in Him
Trust in Me
He says, again and again and again
Ugh, it really is not that hard
Abandoning yourselves to Him
Is trusting in Him
For how can you trust someone with your life
If you do not first put it in their hands?

Put your trust in Him daily!
Every morning the moment you wake
Do not set an alarm
Ask the Spirit of the Lord to wake you
It may be at 3 am or it may be at 5 am
And ask Him again to remind you
To offer Him your will and your love
In that moment of your own awareness
He will give you Himself and therefore accepts yourself in His place

See, because I do this daily
No one can stop me from doing just that
In my heart, every morning
But it may be at 10 pm
Who are you to demand when He calls?

Or you may not wake up at all

Wisdom and Love wake me with a kiss
I approach in my nothingness
And He cooperates with me
In and above my own weaknesses
To lead me
And You
To become Yahweh’s New Family

Then you will realize
He is really and truly working through you
Amazing things start happening
Around you and in Heaven

The simplest way to explain
Is that Heaven is a state of being
A way of living in the Lord
Under His Wisdom and Knowledge
So that you will always know for certain
That when you die
That Heaven is where you will be when you do

This is what raising you from the dead means
The Glory of the Resurrection
Is being veiled from you on purpose
Which is why Faith is required
In order to Live Eternal Life
In the Glory of God
On the New Heaven
And the New Earth


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