Suffering Is On The Earth

There is no suffering in Heaven
Have I not said that I suffer?
I suffer indeed
More than you will ever know!1

One needs to be both fully human and fully divine
To embrace and endure that suffering on His Cross
That moment We must join ourselves to
In His Most Holy Eucharist

For to be with Him in that moment
Is sharing in His Glory
Of His Death, Resurrection, and Life Everlasting

So if Christ suffers, and We do
Then that means We are here on earth
Suffering with you all in the flesh
As you did with Me on My Cross

Oh I cannot say that I am He
For I am not He, but I am the Last2
And in my absolute nothingness
That makes me He like a reflection

He who is Love, Love, Love
Bursting inside
My heart is racing now
At the excitement of the Glory that comes
Be ready, My Beloved, be ready

1The difference between
Life and Death
Is that Life obeys the Lord of Love
And that Death has been destroyed by Love

2The Last to Ascend in Christ
You do not know the day
And I cannot remember
Only the Father knows
That day is still a mystery


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