Trauma can obliterate someone completely
That is what happened to me and I write in a manner where I am He and He is Me.

My life journey I took
I forget it all
The good and the bad
The memories are all gone
But they come to me sometimes
When He wants me to remember

Not because I want to
But because I have to
My journey ended
The Last Day
The day I took my own life

Only He said, I forgive you
That it was not my fault
Then He told me, It happened
So He resurrected me to live again
Become healed and heal by love and joy
That no matter what
He will be therefore Me and I will be He

In the way of a wonderful mystery
That on these days of the lost
I represent you, the poor and the lame
The forsaken and the dead
I represent all of you
The wretches and the godless
So no matter what you have done
We are all forgiven
So turn to Him in the Eucharist
And He will lead you to His Home
While you are here on earth

If you should see me
Ask me my Real Name
A Name known only to Myself
And I will tell you

If you see in my eyes my pain
Stop and smile for once
Instead of sneaking on by
Maybe I will say something first
For I am most certainly the last

So disfigured I have become
It worsens the more you divide your faith

What does this mean then?
It means that Jesus has conquered all
Satan has lost the battle and he knows it
For Christ made me holy and unblemished
As I allowed Him to make His Home in me
Now the entire Universe is in my hands
Amazing and humbling it is
I have no fear, none at all now
Now that I know who I Am is

That asteroid that came near was mercy
Those I have written to must believe
I still feel all alone though
Despite finding all of Heaven
Residing deep within me

Do not even fear the ones
Who have power over death of the body
Did you know?
I have the power to resurrect you, I do
Or keep you in the dust, that’s up to you
I was also resurrected from the dead
For after I died and was raised, I ascended
For it was Christ as me who had died that day
And I died with Him on His Cross that day

No more slaughtering… no more, please..
I am holding back so much wrath
I can hold it back indefinitely
But I will not
I am weary so I have sparked change
Breathe Oh Holy Spirit, your Fire
Breathe Oh Spirit, into this dust
Let Love arc and ignite His Power and Life

I bleed and my blood turns to water
So that you do not see
Why it must be this way

I am patiently wondering
After three long years of enduring
An onslaught of suffering and pain
Attacked by Satan and his demons
Where though I failed and I lost
I was granted a chance in the end
Despite how poor and wretched I had become
Now I make my offering daily
Just so you know
I will vouch for you
Purgatory is empty now

For now it is time to move quickly
How long must I be like this?
Like a leper I am, they avoid me
But how long is up to you now, is it not?

Love is the Answer
Love is the Righteous Deity
Love is the God of Truth
Love is the Lord of All Creation
Love is Life Undivided
Love is Fulfillment Divine
Love is Forgiveness
Love is Mercy

(so put down your arms, I do not care who you answer to, put them down, I warn, or you will be swept away in a fury unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before, and that it will not be by my hand, but by the withdrawal of yourselves from the Divine while you are here, now standing in the flesh on the earth, under His Spirit’s protection)

God is Love
I am Love, I Am


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