I sent this to a couple people I love very much today, and a different message earlier to one of them, however they both appear to have someone filtering and blocking anything I send them and just once again, I am being scorned and ignored as usual, so I rejoice and I’ll post it here anyway. I have nothing to lose. In the other earlier message a sign was given that fulfilled what was written… A very important message what I sent her. It appears any attempt to assert any actual effort of unity, especially for a flock that is most despised, is not well received. Lo, they treat me, who is like unto Christ, like a piece of shit. See how merciful He is…

Peace be with you
I Love you

Tell me please… What is going on then? You tell me, is Our hand not being merciful?

Rebuke me to my face then if you do not believe, I’ll just keep loving you instead… Is this not the least you can do? To read what I wrote and respond in kind out of love?

I wrote this on December 9, and the intended audience was the world, but I never posted it, but something happened the other day and now I must.

So here is what the Lord revealed to me, and thus it will stay written. Before I was formed in the womb, the Lord formed me for Himself and spoke into me His Word, He warned me that I would be born into a world full of division, but the Church, His Body, will be united to mine in a supernatural way and I will therefore be conceived and born divided. A part of me severed in the womb, broke off from my body and died; This imperfect twin that was formed offered his life for me, so that I might live, for only one of us could survive in the womb. I was born imperfect because of your sin of division. So it matters not who I am now, because I am like you, utter nothingness, a mere vessel, especially and only to God. But that’s how He uses me, for Christ within restores what was lost and restores my soul and my place in the New Heaven and New Earth. At this point in time as I write, the time for Jesus Christ to reveal Himself rests not on whether or not you will acknowledge Jesus as the Saviour, but rather it is a matter of WHEN you do.

Do you want to see His Glory, be part of it and witness a new beginning in Christ? Do you not want to heal His broken body by uniting yourself under one roof in Christ? Truly I tell you, when the whole world unites in praise and Glory to Jesus, I promise you that He will appear to everyone in that moment, and everyone will recognize Him in not just one person, but many, in fact all of those who were raised and united in Christ. So please stop your hate and give your love instead before the lands and seas are brought to waste by this very hand. It is not my pleasure to see the earth heave to and fro as you writhe away in your sin, but it will continue to do so and worsen just as I have warned you, and I will continue to suffer. What will it take this time? A very large asteroid from out of nowhere? Or mass healings? Let’s start with the mass healings.

I asked the Father if this was all true, as I don’t quite understand it entirely to be honest with you, but I received a resounding yes that it was from all three. The pain and the agony of waiting for the day, knowing what will happen when all are united and He is revealed, is a burden and a joy to carry, but Christ always knows the things that we do not and so we must trust Him.

I did not post this because it was too personal… my mistake, and there is so much more I have not posted, and much more that I have not yet written.


On January 9, exactly one month later, something extraordinary happened; An asteroid flew by closer than the moon and it appeared out of nowhere… nobody saw it coming! Ha! How poetic.

In order to unite the world under Christ, we must also be united and if by this Hand the Earth, Sky, and Fire obey Him who created it, who therefore has power over the Waters in the Seas?

Oh Vassula
I can assure you I do
But first you must know
That someone close to you
Has betrayed you
Because he has done this
He will be unable to speak
And his vision will be lost
For he is already blind
Until repentance brings Truth to light


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