Raised From The Dead

You have yet to learn what prophecies really are and the fulfillment of them by God. Many of you are being deceived! Precognition of events is not prophecy, and prophecies are not predictions. Deuteronomy 18:18-22. The Lord God commands me to speak and so many of the prophecies, which are commands, God has written through me, a significant number of them have already come to pass, I lost count and at this point I stand alone in Christ, for all of whom I have approached, not one, NOT ONE has reproached me, for their envy and weakness casts doubt, they instead ignore me and are blinded by their sin, but they pray for me like I am some lost soul. Only by grace I know I am far from being lost, though I appreciate the prayers, so thank you. My desire is not to even be here, but I live and breathe because He wants me to. I live and breathe because I died under His Grace that I unworthily received, and thus was raised from the dead by His Grace and Power. Does this mean I cannot die? It does. This is the First Resurrection, we are in it in case you haven’t noticed. You need not me to participate in this Glory, for I say to you, repent and believe in the Name of Jesus and receive Him as such! There is no other way. I remained empty and nothing for Him to let Him reign within for I already screwed up and wished never to experience the despair of Hell again, so I was forgiven before I could even utter my confession. See now, it is your turn to be forgiven and raised from the dead. Amen.

This state of Grace tastes like Love

(Christ explicitly writes about me here, though He knows I prefer that He not write about me, He insisted as He said that this is intended for His Flower and applies also to those who are also raised in Christ)

This man, my Beloved
By My Faith he writes
For he abandons himself daily to Me
Without hesitation before the dawn
Unlike so many, who sleep in death

If he was not immersed in the Grace I give
He most certainly would be
Dead to me in the depths of Hell
As that is where I found him

Your judgement of him
Is judgement of Me!
For anyone who is cleansed
By Grace, Mercy, and Love
Has a place in My Father’s House
Thus We are one in the same Father

The least of all men
A wretch, a sinner, he was
By his offering is no longer
For I replace what He lacks
And He lacks all
In his nothingness I Am

My Justice IS this double edged sword
Thus he participates in My Revelation
So do not condemn My Word
But Glorify Me instead



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