I’m going to let you in
In on a little secret
That who I really am
Matters not to you

This was expected
As Mercy comes
Before and after
With Love in its wake

I have truly become
Bone of His Bone
Flesh of His Flesh
Blood of His Blood

With the only witness His Holy Spirit
Which means none can see
That We are united and free
For blindness and ignorance pervades

So I commanded the winds to blow
And the winds blew more numerous than before
I commanded locusts to ravage crops
And the locusts feasted like a plague

I commanded the earth to shake
And the earth still shakes like never before
I commanded the earth to split
And the bowels are starting to spill out

My weariness persists but has no power
Mercy unlike ever before being poured out
The Return of Christ a reality
Before the eyes of the blind shall see

So for those who are raised in Christ
We need not receive Him in the Eucharist
But We do anyway out of the same Love
We receive Him because We see and can
Not because We have to, for We are Him

Alas, you understand not the power of prophecy
They are not predictions but rather a sword
For We can by a mere written word
Bring entire nations into ruins

In case you haven’t noticed
We have been very merciful
You heed not these warnings
So the warnings will not heed to you

Love is the answer and We will relent



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