I Am Like That

So many ways to say
I love you
So many ways to show
I love you

At show and tell
We will see
What acts of love there were
Though you did not see

Let this then spark in you
A Revelation
Read it for it is open
It is relevant now

Who are the riders?

Now comes the fire…



You have heard; now see all this;
And will you not declare it?
From this time forth
I make you hear new things
Hidden things which you have not known
They are created now, not long ago;
Before today you have never heard of them
Lest you should say, “Behold I knew them”
You have never heard
You have never known
From of old your ear has not been opened
For I knew that you would deal very treacherously
And that from birth you were called a rebel

Isaiah 48:6-8

What do you know of the invisible world you cannot see?


Fighting temptation is one thing
But recognizing the tricks of the devil
Is another matter entirely
For if you feel there are none
Then you have already been tricked

I have been tricked before
And it leads to disaster
Let myself get tricked, I did
Now I am all tricked out with love and grace

Looking Back

Looking back (though I should not)
I made some mistakes1
While learning to discern
The voice of the Lord

The point of the journey
To have walked from afar
Led back to God
Proclaiming His Name, not mine

So out of humility
I must die to myself
Every single day
Out of love for you all

So now it is about you…
You must turn back to God
You must find Him in your heart
You must visit Him and receive Him

I rescind all the prophecies I have written
In the Name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen
That the Angels hold back the fury
Out of mercy and love. Amen

We do this to prove a point
That signs, wonders, powers, and authorities
Even with the evidence arrayed out for you
Even then they do not believe

Thus any destruction caused
Will no longer be by my hand
But will be by state of sin in the world
When the Father turns His face away… again

All I want is love
What does it mean to you then
If love Itself wept
Wept because they cannot see?

Wept knowing what they lose
Wept knowing they can be saved
Wept knowing that many will never choose life
Wept over the loss

If love dies
So does the whole world

1 Saying things like, the “author of chaos is the master of peace”… something that made sense to me, but it was a lie planted by the devil, and it was uprooted and burned. If you ask the Lord to destroy the evil within you, be prepared to face it. Face it with the Fortitude of Christ! I am persecuted even by My Own, but I indeed rejoice, for it fulfills what is written for the sake of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who saved a wretch like me with nothing to give but my poverty.

Did You Not Notice?

To further the proof
As it seems to be required
If you look closely
Where the quakes took place
In Italy, near Rome
In recent days
You will find their place
In the shape of My Cross

If you doubt of My Mercy
As it is clear by your rejection
Of Me and My Word
Know there will be more
The more ignorance is preferred