Perfect Faith

As you are raised in Christ
I will tell you this:
How to perform a miracle

It is quite simple you know
It is even written in Scripture
A how to guide on miracles

The Church is so divided
Because of such trivial matters
Once reconciled you will all heal

So the key to performing miracles
Amidst those who do not believe
Is to do them two by two
Just as He sent the Apostles
He sent them in pairs
Into the towns casting out demons
Healing the sick
Curing the blind
And raising the dead
All in His Holy Name

Because the Faith of one who is Christ
Has perfect Faith of another who is also Christ
For where two are gathered together in His Name
He will be ALWAYS be present among them
They can say together to the mountain
Move and plant yourself into the sea
And it will obey

But no one listens
We have no power without Him
Only He by Himself
Has Power in Faith because He is Faith


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