Celebrate His Birth

Santa is an anagram for Satan
So if you stood up a tree
With presents all around
Decorations adorned inside and out
Without the Nativity in mind
You did not decorate for Christmas

If you sung carols of sleighs and bells
Or gave presents in exchange
Or prepared a magnificent feast
All without acknowledgement of Christ
You did not have Christmas in mind

If you eat your feast to your heart’s content
But feed not the poor outside instead
You did not truly give in the Spirit of Christmas
I could go on..

There would be no Christmas without Him
So We celebrate the coming of our Lord
By the only way we can adore

To celebrate Christmas
And it is not on Satan’s knee
But rather at a Holy Mass
Before a humble Nativity

Now prepare for His Second Coming
He is coming and has already come
I can assure you of that!


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