Was it something I said?

The thing about Deification in Christ is that all the laws and the commandments are fulfilled by solely abandoning yourself to the first commandment in Christ by fully loving God. In absolutely everything and everyone. There is not one person who has ever lived on the earth that has been able to on their own achieve perfection, nor will it ever be possible. But what is impossible to you, God winks at. Who and what am I (and many others) in this world? We are gods among mortals, not full of conceit or blasphemy but rather a union of imperfection and perfection by allowing Christ to replace our very selves with Himself. I remember it, I offered to Him as a sacrifice, my very soul by way of complete annihilation so that He could take over my life completely without any hinderance of me. He looked at me with such Love and He was overjoyed at the offering, and then He said that He will indeed do this to me as I have asked, but I would emerge from this union a new creation, and will forever be torched with His Fire, but will be persecuted by evil spirits my entire life. “Why would anyone want to do that?!”, you might ask.

Once you taste of it, complete freedom by deification in Him, you never want to go back to the way things were. Sometimes we have to, and it’s painful, so we are constantly tested, tested in fire, keeps us pruned, etc etc.

Never to be forsaken
The joy that comes with Faith
Is that no matter what
Even if you are all alone
He will still come and save you
I can certainly attest to that

So I’m going to have to repeat
Be ready in your hearts
Be ready to receive Him
Be not afraid, I go before you



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