The Hour

To give you an idea
Of what it has been like
For me in the days of late
Sicut Christus

My suffering is joined in union with His
On His Cross, always
I bent so far down
That death became my friend

So without Christ I am nothing
But with Him I am Him
For everything He is, I am not
Now I have Him; He is mine and I am His

I warned many about the Ring of Fire
Now with evidence of escalation
There is no relenting this time
So much mercy has already been given

Now my hour comes at my choosing
I have called for repentance and unity
But they scoff at my Word
They scorn the Divinity they envy

“Do not blast the lights out of our days!”
You cry out and are heard
But they continue on as they were
Despite the mercy that is given

Tell me how else a world of evil will all know
Of the glory and power and majesty of the Lord God
Unless considerable destruction is arrayed
Like a buffet of quakes, volcanoes, winds, and plagues?

Strange that you do not believe
Nor do you spread the word
Know that the Lord is at your very doors
The Lord He comes at an hour you do not expect

What will your love for me be?

I see the efforts called good by some
But the wounds I endure say otherwise
Revealing the truth by Knowledge in the Spirit
That your sins have you in bed with the Devil

Concerning the apostasy that angers the Lord
I already offered my life to save yours
But your hearts of stone
Refuse the love you so desperately seek and enjoy

His Wrath comes because of your withdrawal
Of the Love He was, is, and always will be
For Love will always protect you
But if you refuse to love Him who is Love
It will be open season on you… DO YOU GET IT NOW?!

Thundering across the world like lightning
What Revelation has adorned with Light
Is that the Glory of God will be revealed
Whether you want to see it or not

Prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord
On the day prepared for the Lord
The day He was born in a manger
The day Mary gave birth to Christ our Lord

Now Wisdom and Knowledge flow like honey
Reveling in the mysteries of the Kingdom
One mystery I cannot deny if I tried
I am Love and I am being denied

For Love wept the other day
Wept under the weight of the Cross
Wept whilst nailed to a tree
I wept and death sat down beside me, waiting..



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