Ave Maria

This Love that is God
This love that protects you all
Is a simple kind of love
I am bound in mind, body, and soul to Love
The bindings infinitely strong
Are also made from that same love

That oh so sweet Love
Like the affection of a fatherly kind
He is watching over you all
With legions upon legions of His Angels
At His beck and call to save
You only need call Him
You only need say His Name

But this Love is also like a lover
Whilst from slavery He writes
Of His longing to be home
With all the loves of His life
Though deep in His Heart
He can always find them there
There in their heavenly abode
An abode that resides in My Heart

Or like our Blessed Mother
Who has her own way with Love
By birthright she stands with no blemish
Intentionally immaculate and beauty beyond compare
In roses she delights and leaves such gifts behind
As she is My Mother, I would do as she says
So please do so from the depths of that same love


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