Mercy Will Be Great

I was about to write of another wave of destruction, but believe it or not, my hand was physically stayed for a moment before I was about to write, stayed in an interesting way for it was not forceful at all, but stayed nonetheless. So I just sat there and listened, a wave of peace came and He was happy as He told me that your prayers were heard and answered and that I am not to swing my sword until He says. Oh yes indeed this is good news, for it means that there are some of you who have read what We have written, have thus understood and have therefore prayed for mercy. Knowledge of such things I am privy to by Grace, so thank you and blessed are you who have done this! I will happily and humbly sheath this sword until the Lord calls me again. However, I must warn you, that one of the prophecies I have written must still be fulfilled, and no amount of prayers will rescind the pending destruction, for the many others that I have written prior to this day, that have not come to pass, are thus rescinded by the authority and mercy of God.

To answer your question of why: As a result of just one of the prophecies being fulfilled We will be providing you with the proof you need, for I am telling you the truth. Therefore, you also have the proof of such great mercy for the wrath that was in store, what remains weaved throughout thousands of written words, it would have been far, far worse than what shall come to pass. When I say worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, you have no idea.

Pray then for the poor souls who are lost and forsaken, the children, the abandoned, amidst an awful and evil war, both spiritually and physically. Take in with love any refugee if you are able, especially if you are able, for amidst all of them, Christ is indeed there. He was also in those buildings, now rubble, those buildings you just bombed. He writes to you now… Know that when Christ blesses you with the intent of demonstrating His Divine Power, be assured of great and wonderful blessings that no one has ever foreseen. So bless others and God.

It is no coincidence that the Solomon Islands in the “Ring of Fire” have been so active lately, for today’s reading for the Third Sunday of Advent, 1 Kings 3, is: The King of Solomon

Pray for and love your neighbour
Repay evil with love and kindness
Judge not others and forgive transgressions
Seek not revenge
Vengeance is God’s and God’s alone

There was an intense spiritual battle before this was completed. I considered not posting this, for many times I have written and not posted, much more than what you can see here, volumes of them. Then the Lord revealed to me the urgency, for many are indeed praying for mercy, and with such love and meekness, however with a lot of “if’s”. The Solomon Islands should be proof enough you need, but in this day and age that doesn’t make the front page, for at time of writing, over seventy (71 to be precise – a prime number) 4.5+ to 7.8 magnitude earthquakes all concentrated on the Solomon Islands since they started less than one week ago. The people on those islands are not important enough to the rest of the world to take notice, but they are affected, so pray for them.


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