Here is another mystery that needs to be unwrapped
The mystery of the Holy Spirit of Grace
Humility is not what you think
Supernaturally I suffer… more than you know, love

All out of Love for Love
By grace I am sustained
I have indeed died in this life
By grace I was raised
This body does not age
By grace I am incorrupt
Having been raised I cannot die
By grace I am deified

I could go on… see?
I do not boast of myself
I am nothing

He who is
He who was
He who is to come!

Who shall be the first to proclaim His Return?
Though I have already
Yet none have spread this Word
What does that make me?
A fool? Indeed.

Truth is, none see, so few believe
But those that see, disbelieve
Hearts of stone anger me
By grace I can read your heart
Did you know?

Spreading the word, announcing His Return
Should be faster than
The latest virulent emptiness you share
The potential to reach billions in a matter of days

But that does not happen
The forces of an evil world
Surround you to distraction
So quick to hate…

You do know it is written
All evil will be destroyed
What will you then be left with?

What did you expect to see?
The Lord descending from the clouds in the sky from Heaven in Glory?
You cannot even see Heaven
How can you expect to see His Glory?

But I tell you, because of your hardness of heart
A sign will be given to you
A sign of mercy and of love
A sign you need so that you believe
That Christ has indeed Returned!

Sicut Christus


10 thoughts on “Pantocrator

    1. They will see the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven and they will mourn. Then Jesus comes on the clouds of Heaven with great power and glory. Tell me why should they mourn?

      I tell you He has already returned, and I know why they mourn.

      Answer me this, can you see Heaven? If you can see Heaven, do you see it with your eyes of flesh or the eyes of your heart?

      Where were you looking the moment He came down and reached into your heart?

      Blessed are those who believe but cannot see, for theirs is the Glory of God.

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